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(Contact Brunei agent +673 8289388 for pricing and registration)

Easy Registration Process

Step 1

Select & register for the virtual run race event.

Step 2

Pay a minimal entry fee.

Step 3

Plan your time & complete the race within the timeframe given.

Step 4

Submit screenshot of your result by using running apps or watch to track your running progress.A Unique designed medal and High-quality T-shirt will be shipped to you directly!
We hope to encourage you to get out and get moving! Have Fun!

Payment method

Online bank transfer via ipay88 (For Malaysia only).

PayPal, VISA and Master Card (For Singapore).

How it Works

Take a look through our events and challenges to find one or more you’d like to participate in, register, and then run (jog or walk) the required distance within the allotted time frame.

You can track your distance and time by using Running GPS watch, but there are several free smartphone apps for iPhone & Android devises that you may use , here are few you may like, NIKE+ RUN CLUB, MI-FIT, Runtastics GPS, Running Distance Tracker & etc.

At the end of the race period, we will ship medals to everyone who paid & registered. If you unable to complete your race by the end of the timeline, you will still get your awesome medal& T-shirt. Feel free to submit results whenever you do completed your run.

Run for Passion

Anyone who like to challenge yourself to reach a designated goal of finishing a specified distance.

Run to win Medals.

Just like a regular road race, you will receive a race t-shirt, race E-bib number and an awesome medal.

Its fun and Encouraging.

We hope to encourage you to get out and get moving! Have Fun!

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